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Watch the final installment of the 2024 Radio Entrepreneurs Family Business Association (FBA) Panel Discussion as Attorney Stephen Wilchins and the panel talk about “Revealing the Secrets to Family Business Success: Building Your Great Family Business” Part 3


Watch part three, the final installment of Radio Entrepreneurs Family Business Association (FBA) 2024 Panel series as three guests join Stephen Wilchins, founding partner at Wilchins Cosentino & Novins and Rich Hirschen, partner from Gray, Gray & Gray to continue the discussion on revealing the secrets to Family Business Success. This discussion includes discussion of estate planning and governance as each guest’s situation is different including one guest with no more family members having any interest in the family business and another guest being 4th generation and the first generation that will have owners who are not working in the business. Watch this panel discussion and the prior two in the series to help you glean insight and ideas to lead your family business or privately held business.

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