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We are proven, experienced and knowledgeable employment law attorneys who serve as trusted advisors for employers, executives and professionals.

Our employment law attorneys’ extensive experience, including serving as general counsel for private and publicly traded companies, offers tremendous benefit to our clients as we provide sound, independent and objective perspectives on a full range of employment law matters.

We work closely with our clients, taking great care to advise and counsel employers and employees with an effective, pragmatic strategy. While we work to resolve cases outside of litigation, should a case need to be litigated, we are experienced in employment law litigation.

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We provide legal counsel and litigate on a full-range of employment law matters including contracts and agreements, hiring and terminating, workplace policies and procedures, employee misclassification, employee misconduct and sexual harassment.
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For executives and professionals, we offer a range of employment law services including drafting, reviewing, negotiating and enforcing employment agreements, non-competes, confidentiality, trade secret and separation agreements.
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Meet Our Employment Law Attorneys at Wilchins Cosentino & Novins

MA Attorney Susan Donaldson Novins

Susan Donaldson Novins


MA Attorney David Burgess

David Burgess

Of Counsel

Why WCN for Employment Law Matters

Why Law Firm

Right-sized. We are large enough to have the depth of expertise and knowledge, while small enough to be available, accessible and personal.

High Caliber Legal Services. Our employment attorneys are experienced, highly skilled and solutions oriented. We are objective, independent and keep an open mind.
Breadth of Practice Areas. We designed our law firm and our practice areas to offer a breadth of legal expertise to best serve our clients.
Concierge Approach. Our clients are assured of our accessibility, personal attention and skilled guidance as we seamlessly and adeptly address their legal needs.
Exceptional Value. We deliver exceptional value by being efficient; offering value that Boston-based firms cannot match.
Longevity. Our emphasis on exceptional service has resulted in client relationships measured in years.

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Meet Attorney Scott A. Joseph

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