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The Benefit of Experienced Attorneys to Work Effectively with a Town Planning Board

Jonathan White, Of Counsel


A business executive sought to build his dream home in Weston, MA on existing property that already included many amenities. With a team of professionals including an architect, engineer, landscape architect and construction team, the plans for the proposed new home including the incorporation of additional amenities and a landscaping plan required approval by the town’s planning board.

The engineer contacted Jonathan White of Wilchins Cosentino & Novins’ Real Estate Practice as he had previously worked with White on another project. The business executive retained White and Peter Covo as legal counsel to facilitate approval from the town’s planning board.


With years of experience in residential real estate matters including zoning and planning boards, White and Covo were adept at working with all involved parties including the town planner, the planning board and the construction team. With meetings and discussions in between town planning meetings, White and Covo facilitated the negotiation and approval process, guiding and counseling the client and his construction team. The real estate attorneys met with the planning board seven times to address various concerns including lighting, landscaping, gates and environmental concerns to attain the approval of the planning board to allow the homeowner to proceed with his plans.


With extensive experience and an approach focused on prioritizing and negotiating, the outcome was the approval from the town’s planning board for our client to move forward, making small concessions to build the home of his dreams.