Family Law – Divorce

Financial Settlement Saves Thousands of Dollars in High-Conflict Divorce Case

David Burgess, Attorney


Just two weeks before the scheduled trial date, the firm was retained to take over representation of one of the parties in a divorce case involving a contested custody dispute where assets and income were substantial. Hostility and distrust between the client’s previous attorney and the attorney for the other party had made it virtually impossible for them to engage in meaningful settlement discussions, and the case seemed destined for an expensive, time-consuming and emotionally taxing trial.


As soon as Wilchins Cosentino and Novins LLP had filed its appearance and gotten up to speed, we met with the other party’s lawyer. After making clear that we believed it would serve both parties’ interests to resolve the financial aspects of the case immediately, we spent an entire day in a conference room with the opposing attorney working out the terms of a settlement agreement resolving all issues of asset division, alimony and child support, leaving the custody determination for later.


Narrowing the case in this manner saved both parties tens of thousands of dollars in further litigation expense. It also enabled them to be divorced on the trial date and allowed them to focus on what mattered most to each of them, their children.