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Michael P. Friedman

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MA Attorney Michael P. Friedman

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Email: mfriedman@wcnllp.com
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Attorney Profile

Michael P. Friedman is a Senior Counsel with Wilchins Cosentino & Novins LLP. As an attorney, legal advisor and trial lawyer, Michael has over 40 years of practical real-world experience helping people through personal and business conflicts. He has successfully represented clients in avoiding litigation – as well as clients in the midst of litigation. He has successfully tried cases as lead counsel before the District, Superior and Probate and Family Courts throughout Massachusetts. He has also had success arguing appellate matters before the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

Additionally, Michael is a trained conciliator and a skilled negotiator who strives to resolve conflicts directly and in ways that address the personal and economic needs of his clients. Clients look to him to help provide guidance through some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Michael is a graduate of New England Law and has been a trial lawyer throughout most of his career. He has handled matters of all types and is known for his ability to work with his clients to navigate the challenging and sometimes troubled times and circumstances that bring them to him for help.

Family Law is a principal focus of Michael’s current practice, where he handles a broad spectrum of Domestic Relations matters from relatively simple and straightforward divorce cases to high-conflict matters involving custody and parenting disputes, inter-state removal matters, and matters that include complex financial circumstances for high-net-worth clients. As part of this area of his practice, Michael also represents people in conflicts involving child support and alimony issues, as well as efforts to modify, defend or enforce existing orders and court judgments. This also includes the defense or prosecution of civil or criminal contempt cases.

Additionally, Michael practices in the area of Probate Law and Litigation that involves estates, trusts and the partition of real estate. He represents people in the prosecution or defense of will contests, complaints alleging undue influence and/or lack of testamentary capacity, claims of breach of fiduciary duties, and objections to accounts filed by trustees or personal representatives of estates. He also represents individuals in actions for the partition of real estate – where co-owners wish to separate their individual interests in property from the interests of their co-owner(s).

Michael has acted in the capacity of an independent third party personal representative of estates by both Court appointment and personal engagement and appointment. He has also been appointed as Commissioner for the sale of property in real estate partition matters.

To each of his clients, Michael brings the benefit of his life experience, education, training and a healthy capacity for empathy – all with an intention and goal of achieving results that suit the unique dynamics and needs of each situation and client.

Professional Associations, Memberships & Community Involvement
  • Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Boston Bar Association
  • Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem
  • Massachusetts Bar Association
Practice Areas
  • Private Client Services
    • Estate & Trust Administration
  • Probate Litigation
  • Family Law
  • New England Law, JD
  • Lehman College (CUNY), BA
  • Alvescot College (Oxon, England)