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Apr 12, 2024 | Blog

Meet Michael Cosentino


Michael Cosentino was going to be a doctor, at least until he realized he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. And he didn’t like exams either, which he’d need to go to med school. There was no arguing, no quibbling, no creativity with multiple choice and he was never allowed to explain to professors why his answer was the right one. Writing, on the other hand, came naturally to him. A brown Smith Corona was all Michael needed—no outlines, no rough drafts—and churning out papers meant no more college exams. In his third year at Clark University, he decided that law school would be his path forward. Eventually, he would end up at Georgetown University Law Center.

He took a year off after graduating to work as a paralegal in Manhattan, but two weeks of drudgery led him to take an opportunity to become a travelling paralegal (the credit card miles, he knew, would be absolutely excellent). Constantly on the move seeing cases across the country, he recalls this exposure as his inspiration to become a litigator. The culmination of a year of travel was a month long Special Master trial in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In court every day, watching examinations of witnesses and various arguments sealed his desire to become a litigation attorney.

Cosentino grew up on Long Island, the youngest of seven children and one of five boys. His parents’ families were both from the same town in Italy, where his father was born before immigrating to the United States. They met in old Italian Brooklyn and set out to raise a family with the core values they inherited: personal responsibility, hard work, and close relationships with family. In the bustling Jewish-Italian community of Five Towns, Long Island, Michael washed walls and bussed tables for pocket money, coming home to innumerable family gatherings with lots of food and laughter.

After three years, and a stellar academic performance at Georgetown University Law Center, Michael returned to New York City to launch his career. With his law degree as the foundation, he developed transcendent legal skills from highly varied early assignments and a series of wonderful attorney mentors, his teachers and role models of excellence in client service.

Some 30 years later, Michael’s work continues to span multiple practice areas across state and federal courts. He finds fulfillment in the diversity of his practice, one day doing probate litigation, the next financial services, and then business litigation. He enjoys developing the fact pattern and adjusting the strategy as the facts come to life. While he equates the process to a puzzle, he is quick to note he is not a fan of puzzles.

When not working, Cosentino enjoys spending time with his family including his three adult children. He loves to travel, with his top three spots being Italy (visiting his parents’ hometown), London and Iceland. He is a huge Springsteen fan—following him across the globe to see live shows—and while he claims not to watch TV law shows, he could watch the Godfather I and II over and over again. Cosentino likes to cook Italian food, and refuses to use a cookbook, part of a long family tradition of measuring ingredients by feel. He also enjoys golfing but does not enjoy tracking down the results of his stubborn and dramatic slice. He takes a walk to clear his mind after a long day, but typically starts or ends his workday with a workout.

Michael begrudgingly left New York years ago to ‘temporarily’ move to Massachusetts and has been here ever since. He is not a fan of any Boston sports team, and never will be.

Michael Cosentino is a Founding Partner of Wilchins Cosentino and Novins. He co-leads the Litigation Practice and the Financial Services Litigation Practice. Read Michael Cosentino’s bio.

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