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May 17, 2024 | Firm News

Meet Marjory Selig


Marjory Selig grew up in New Jersey, attended Brown University for undergraduate studies, earned her JD from UConn and passed the bar in Massachusetts, New York and Missouri.

After graduating from Brown, she and her then boyfriend (now husband) moved to LA to launch their careers. Marjory completed a paralegal program at UCLA and was off and running in Century City, envisioning her career and office to mimic LA Law, the hot new TV show at the time. 

Job opportunities took them back East and Marjory passed the bar in Massachusetts only to relocate to Missouri where she again passed the bar. It was in Missouri where she began her foray into trust and estate planning, providing pro bono legal services to senior citizens while working at a law firm as a real estate foreclosure attorney. With another relocation to New York City, Marjory continued focusing on trust and estate planning for a firm in Westchester County, enabling her to balance work and raising her three children.

No Volleyball? Run the Track

A passion of Marjory’s can be traced back to 7th grade gym class when the teacher told her she would have to run laps on the outdoor track if she was not going to join the class and play volleyball inside. Despite being February, Marjory took to the track and a friend joined her as she ran laps, tapping into the sounds and scenes from the movie Rocky, which was the box office hit. This launched her joy of running, enjoying the solitude and the quiet time to think.

Throughout high school and college, Marjory ran cross country and track (longer distances) and she laughs as she reflects on running in college, “they allowed me to be on the team as I was not in the lead pack nor recruited for my talent.”

As they started their family, Marjory would get a run in (3 to 5 miles) before her husband left for work so she could get the three kids ready for school. Once the youngest got his driving license, Marjory felt the freedom to have longer blocks of time for running because she was no longer the family taxi service. She joined a running club and started running longer distances.

A Rare Cancellation Leads to Road Trip to Another Marathon

Her first marathon was supposed to be New York City in 2012, but a hurricane changed those plans as the NYC marathon was cancelled, a historic event. Marjory had followed her training regimen religiously and was ready for the race; in fact, she had just picked up her NYC marathon shirt and was on the train home when she heard the news.

So, what til next year? No, not for Marjory. She quickly discovered there was another marathon scheduled for the same day as NYC in Manchester NH. She risked not having enough gas to make the drive (as the hurricane had resulted in a gas shortage) and hoped she would be able to get gas in Connecticut to make it to the starting line in Manchester NH. With a teenage son at home, she and her husband opted not to inform him of their plans figuring he may not even notice they were not home! Her first marathon was a big milestone; she went out fast, had a great first half and completed the race in 4:12. Remember that number.

Her marathon running has continued now for many years, running NYC in 2013 and after running Boston for her 6th time this April, Marjory is amazing. She doesn’t run with a phone or ear buds even during training runs and feeds off the crowd during a race. Her mental toughness is palpable as she describes having a hip injury three weeks before this year’s Boston Marathon, leaving her unable to run until she crossed the starting line.

She talks about the crowds and remarks on how important the crowds are for non-elite runners. When the bombing occurred at the Boston Marathon, the clock at the finish line read 4:12. Marjory reflects on that being her first marathon time and how the crowds that were there on Boylston Street were staying to cheer on runners like her.

When asked her favorite part about running Boston she immediately talks about Heartbreak Hill. For most, this is the dreaded section that everyone says is the true test of a Boston Marathoner. But Marjory thinks of the elite runners who have run this same course and feels privileged to run Heartbreak Hill. She taps into that energy and mindset and conquers Heartbreak Hill as she heads to the final miles.

Wonder Woman Stands Out in a Crowd

In 2019, Marjory decided to run the New York City Marathon for fun. For most, this sounds like an oxymoron, but she decided she would not focus on time and dress up as Wonder Woman. After all, she had recently run the Chicago Marathon so wanted to take it easy. She was in a competitive corral and off she went. The crowd went crazy as they saw her in costume and fueled her energy. She comments how she ran way too fast as the crowd cheered her on. By mile twenty, Marjory was hurting all over. She internalized her best Wonder Woman and gutted it out, not wanting to disappoint the crowd or herself. She remarks on how the professional photo capturing her in Central Park does not reflect how she really felt.


It is no surprise that Marjory resides in Hopkinton, the start of the Boston Marathon. Early in her career, she followed her husband and his career opportunities. Today, he follows her, having also joined a running club, but as Marjory makes clear, “I am much faster.”

Marjory is a trust and estates attorney at Wilchins Cosentino & Novins LLP, a mother, grandmother and a marathon runner.

She is wonder woman.

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