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Our Proactive Approach to Achieve Successful Outcomes

We are highly skilled litigation attorneys and fierce advocates for our clients with a proven track record of achieving successful results in professional malpractice cases.

At Wilchins Cosentino & Novins, we take an assertive and proactive approach, leveraging our legal knowledge, keen insights and sharp instincts to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.

As litigation attorneys, we are passionate about getting the right results and we will fight hard to achieve that end. In short, our litigation services rival those offered by the best firms in Boston, all at a value they cannot match.

Our Probate Professional Malpractice Services

Our litigation attorneys at Wilchins Cosentino & Novins have vast experience handling cases where there is alleged negligence by professionals. Given our firm’s philosophy that thorough preparation leads to a successful result, we represent either the plaintiff or defendant in such cases. Professional malpractice cases can involve any professional and associated firm including, but not limited to, attorneys, doctors, engineers and surveyors.

Meet the Litigators at Wilchins Cosentino & Novins

MA Attorney Susan Donaldson Novins

Susan Donaldson Novins


MA Attorney Michael B . Cosentino

Michael B. Cosentino


Representative Work

$1,400,000 settlement of legal malpractice claim against corporation’s former attorneys arising from improper tax advice regarding tax implications of converting to a different corporate form.

$500,000 settlement of legal malpractice claim against law firm that engaged in conflicted joint representation of clients adverse to each other.

Obtained full insurance coverage for law firm whose professional liability insurer denied coverage for legal malpractice claim.

Defense and settlement of claim against law firm and former law partner for alleged professional malpractice arising from the default of a commercial loan handled by law firm.

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Right-sized. We are large enough to have the depth of expertise and knowledge, while small enough to be available, accessible and personal.

High Caliber Legal Services. Skilled and experienced with a track record of success.
Breadth of Practice Areas. We designed our law firm and our practice areas to offer a breadth of legal expertise to best serve our clients.
Concierge Approach. Our clients are assured of our accessibility, personal attention and skilled guidance as we seamlessly and adeptly address their legal needs.

Exceptional Value. We deliver exceptional value by being efficient; offering value that Boston-based firms cannot match.


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