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Providing high caliber legal counsel to help a business owner sell land, relocate the business, and thrive.

Scott A. Joseph, Counsel

Commercial Real Estate Land Sale


The owner of a privately held business contacted Scott A. Joseph in the WCN Real Estate Practice seeking legal counsel when a third-party expressed interest in purchasing land owned by the business. One of the family members running the business sought to retire while the other family member planned to continue running the business after the sale.


Over the next six months, Scott Joseph negotiated and drafted the purchase and sale agreement which was contingent upon the buyer: (i) obtaining financing; (ii) purchasing several neighboring parcels; and (iii) obtaining zoning approval to redevelop the site.

The closing took place almost two years later. In the interim, Attorney Joseph assisted our client in finding a new location to operate their business, negotiated a long-term lease and counseled the client through the transition from property owner to tenant in the new location.


Our client’s business is thriving in its new location, and their relationship with WCN continues. The firm has helped the family members with estate planning and continues to serve as its business advisor.