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Attorney Stephen Wilchins of Wilchins Cosentino & Novins LLP recently participated in the Radio Entrepreneurs FBA Panel Discussion on: “When The Transition’s Done – It’s Still Not Done!”


Introducing Part 1/3 of a NEW Family Business Association Panel Discussion: “When The Transition’s Done – It’s Still Not Done!”

Stephen Wilchins recently participated in this segment on Radio Entrepreneurs alongside host Jeffrey S. Davis of Mage LLC and Richard Hirschen, CPA, CGMA of Gray, Gray & Gray & Aviva Sapers of Sapers & Wallack, Inc. as panelists.

This panel discussion (as the name implies) is focused around transitioning a family owned and run business and the common issues one often faces. These segments are highly informational for owners of a Family Business but are also intended to be informational for Business Owners of all types and industries.