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At Wilchins Cosentino & Novins, we have purposefully and strategically designed and built our law firm in Wellesley, MA to be what we are: Right-sized.

Right sized law firm


We’re a medium-sized law firm (approximately 20 attorneys) based in Wellesley, Massachusetts. We have thoughtfully designed our practices to provide exceptional service and experienced legal counsel to best serve our clients.

Right-sized means personal and accessible. It means we are not bureaucratic and complicated. You, as a client, meet with the partners, you speak to people who know you, who listen and who care.

Right-sized means the work is done by the appropriate person which translates into exceptional value for our clients. Boston-based firms cannot touch the value that our mid-size law firm offers our clients.


Why Law Firm

Right-sized. We are large enough to have the depth of expertise and knowledge, while small enough to be available, accessible and personal.

High Caliber Legal Services. WCN attorneys are experienced, solution-oriented and specialized in their respective areas of law. We put our extensive knowledge and legal acumen to work for our clients, collaborating to develop a sound and pragmatic legal strategy.
Breadth of Practice Areas. We designed our law firm and our practice areas to offer a breadth of legal expertise to best serve our clients.
Concierge Approach. Our clients are assured of our accessibility, personal attention and skilled guidance as we seamlessly and adeptly address their legal needs.
Exceptional Value. We deliver exceptional value by being efficient; offering value that Boston-based firms cannot match.
Longevity. Our emphasis on exceptional service has resulted in client relationships measured in years.

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